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High School Intensives and Workshops - Giving Creativity Wings (ages 13–18)

Residential High School Intensives and Workshops provide focused, practical, hands-on experiences. In this supportive and creative environment, as relaxed as any summer camp, students immerse themselves completely in their chosen creative outlet. High School programs nurture passion and talent, and help channel the creative spirit into a foundation for continued study. Instructors successfully work with students of all levels of ability and experience while emphasizing educational values, personal values, and achievement. Students will be challenged to improve and build skill and confidence.

Junior Artists - Igniting the Creative Spark (ages 9–13)

Residential Junior Artists workshops provide life-changing experiences for middle school-aged kids eager to unleash their creative spirits on 205 beautiful acres that evoke a traditional summer camp. Junior Artists learn and explore in a positive environment and develop their individual creative expressions. Students will immerse themselves in art while professional artist-instructors guide their intensive, hands-on experiences. The low student-to-teacher ratio – 9:1 or better — ensures individual attention and support. Junior Artists will find meaningful inspiration and new ways to tap their limitless creative possibilities. Junior Artists are able to become residential students at age 10.

Children's Center - Inspiring Art in Children (ages 5–8)

Children’s Center offerings provide a nurturing environment. In a natural setting reminiscent of a summer camp, children experience the joy of creativity and performance. Professional artist-educators spark students to discover the joy of self-expression. The Children’s Center faculty provide technical instruction balanced with strong encouragement and inspiration. Day student option only.
If you have any questions or need assistance please call 1.951.468.7265 or email

Register and make payments online at We accept VISA, American Express, Discover or MasterCard. Completed applications must include the $50 application fee, and $500-per-course deposit to ensure placement. Deposit is applied toward tuition. If you are applying for financial aid, register early; you will pay a reduced deposit of $250.

Application is confirmed upon payment of application fee and deposit. Enrollment (class placement) is not guaranteed until balance is paid in full. Auditioned workshops also require acceptance before enrollment is confirmed. Complete balance is due at least 30 days before class begins; a $100 late fee will be assessed to past due accounts.


Idyllwild Arts is committed to providing need-based financial aid to talented young artists from diverse backgrounds. Because we are a private nonprofit educational institution, scholarships are awarded from funds donated specifically for that purpose. Awards are based on financial need, talent, or programmatic needs in ensembles or productions.

In addition, some funds are designated to assist specific types of students who also demonstrate financial need:

  1. Gifted/Talented students ages 8–18 years old who are identified as Gifted/Talented or who are enrolled in a Gifted/Talented program (verification required).
  2. Native American students ages 9-18 years old (tribal affiliation verification required).
  3. Female High School Students from Riverside or San Bernardino counties.

Music Merit Award:

Music students who achieve Regional, All-State and National Honor status qualify for an automatic $1,200 award when they apply by Feb. 25, 2020 or a $1,000 award when they apply between Feb. 26 – April 15. No Honor Awards are available after April 15. Apply early to qualify.

Size of Award

In general, the maximum award that may be granted is half the cost of tuition, room and board for one High School, Junior Artist or Children’s Center two-week course. In rare circumstances, a larger award may be granted to students with exceptional financial need.

If your attendance at the Summer Program is dependent upon receiving a scholarship and we are unable to grant your request, your $250 deposit will be refunded (The $50 registration fee is not refundable.)

Discounts and Credits

Idyllwild Arts offers students options to reduce the cost of attending the Summer Program.

Early Bird Registration: Complete your registration by Jan. 15, 2020, and receive $50 off per workshop.

Pay in Full Today: 10% off Tuition when you Pay in Full on the same day your application is submitted, available through March 15, 2020. 5% off Tuition when you Pay In Full on the day you apply, available through May 1, 2020. Not applicable for Family Week.

Early Full Payment: 5% off Tuition when you use a payment plan to Pay In Full by March 15, 2020. Option not available to Financial Aid applicants (reductions are factored into your aid package).

Family Discount: Receive tiered discounts when you register two or more members of your immediate family: 2 members – $75 off your balance, 3 members – $150 off, 4 or more – $175 off.  Family members are not required to attend at the same time. Only applicable to workshops lasting one week or longer. Available to Financial Aid applicants. Not applicable for Family Week.

Teacher Discount: Teachers who contact using a valid school email address may request a unique discount code to provide to students. Only applicable to workshops lasting one week or longer. Available to Financial Aid applicants. Not applicable for Family Week.

Bring a Friend: Earn a $50 credit for each new student—one who has not attended the Summer Program previously—you bring to the Summer Program (limit $500). A new student can be claimed by only one returning student. Available to Financial Aid applicants. Does not apply to immediate family members.

Four-Week Music or Theatre Discount: High school students who enroll and are accepted in two consecutive music or theatre programs (e.g., Symphony Orchestra/Chamber Festival or New Play Development/Shakespeare Intensive) are eligible for a 15% discount on Tuition. Music students may combine 15% discount with one All-State/Honor Ensemble discount for music intensives.


The Student, and the Student’s Parents if the Student is under nineteen years old, understand(s) that the Program has limited enrollment and that IAF makes arrangements for the accommodation, housing and instruction of students based on anticipated enrollment. He/She/They further understand that the overhead expenses of the Program do not diminish with the departure of students during the course of any Program workshop. The Student, and the Student’s Parents if the Student is under nineteen years old, therefore agree(s) that, with the exception of the limited refund policy provided herein, if IAF, pursuant to the acceptance of this Agreement, reserves a position for the Student in the Program, he/she/they are not entitled to any refund, regardless of whether the Student completes the Program or is withdrawn, absent or dismissed for all or any portion of the Program.

The Student, and the Student’s Parents if the Student is under nineteen years old, understand(s) and agree(s) that no refunds will be made for early withdrawals, student cancellations or no-shows for any reason, except under the following limited circumstances:

  1. Withdrawal Up to 90 days Before the Class is Scheduled to Begin: All fees, with the exception of the $50 application fee and a 3% service fee on the total amount paid, are refundable up to 90 days before the applicable workshop is scheduled to begin.
  2. Withdrawal Up To 30 Days Before the Class is Scheduled to Begin: If a student withdraws less than 90 days but up to 30 days prior to when a class is scheduled to begin, 80% of fees, with the exception of the $50 application fee and a 3% service fee on the total amount paid, will be refunded.
  3. Withdrawal Less than 30 Days Before the Class is Scheduled to Begin: No refunds whatsoever will be made less than 30 days before a class is scheduled to begin.
  4. Cancellation of Class by IAF Before Class is Scheduled to Begin: If IAF cancels a class before the class was scheduled to begin, all fees are refundable in full. If the Student was only enrolled for the one class that was canceled by IAF before the class was scheduled to begin, IAF will also refund the $50 application fee. If the Student was enrolled for other classes during the same session that were not canceled, the $50 application fee will not be refunded.
  5. Withdrawal Upon Financial Aid Decision. If the Student’s enrollment in the Program is dependent upon receiving financial aid from IAF, and IAF was unable to grant the request for financial aid, all fees with the exception of the $50 application fee, will be refunded upon the Student’s written withdrawal before the class(es) were scheduled to begin.

Idyllwild Arts is not able to apply non-refundable payments to a future Summer Program.

CampMinder offers a Protection Plan for tuition. Visit for details.

There is no public transportation to or within Idyllwild. However, Idyllwild Arts offers an airport shuttle transportation service, serving Palm Springs, Ontario, and Los Angeles airports. A one-way shuttle service to/from the Palm Springs and Ontario airports is $95, and a one-way shuttle service to/from Los Angeles is $150. To take advantage of this service, you must make arrangements with the Summer Program staff at least two weeks before you plan to arrive on campus.

Arrival Info:

Plan to arrive at Ontario, Palm Springs or Los Angeles between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Sunday your program begins.
Musicians and Choir members have audition on Sunday afternoon the day your program begins. Plan to arrive between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. to allow time to get to campus and audition.

Departure Info:

For non-musician’s plan on getting a flight out from Ontario or Palm Springs at 3 p.m. or later on Saturday the last day of your program. For flights out of Los Angeles Airport, please book for 5 p.m. or later.
For Musicians and Choir members, visit for scheduled final performances or activity. You also may call Idyllwild Arts at 951.659.2171 x2365.

The Idyllwild Arts Summer Program offers a myriad of events, workshops, lectures and performances from June until August.

Please visit our Idyllwild Arts Calendar

Mail received via the United States Postal Service should be addressed:

Student’s Name and Age Group
Idyllwild Arts Summer Program
P.O. Box 1682
Idyllwild, CA 92549

Students receiving packages via United Parcel Service or Federal Express should use

Student’s Name and Age Group
Idyllwild Arts Summer Program
52500 Temecula Rd.
Idyllwild, CA 92549

The campus features large modern dormitories, residence halls, dining hall and a snack bar. Services include health center, bookstore and laundry facilities.

The numerous indoor and outdoor art studios and exhibition areas include the Parks Exhibition Center and the Eymann Sculpture Garden.

Performance halls include the Lowman Concert Hall, IAF Theatre, Stephens Recital Hall, Holmes Amphitheatre, and the Junior Players Theatre.

The Krone Library houses resource areas, classrooms and a museum.

Dance studios, rehearsal halls, film studio and practice rooms are located across the campus.

The Margaret Cargill Commons, located at the heart of campus between Lowman Concert Hall and the IAF Theatre, offers areas to relax, converse, and mingle.

Bedding and Towels

Sheets for twin size bed or a sleeping bag
Pillow and pillow case
Towels and wash cloths
Pool towel

Personal Toiletries

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Soap and shampoo
Insect repellent


Sleeping attire, robe and slippers
Shorts, light shirts, tee shirts
Lightweight long pants
Lightweight jacket, sweater or sweatshirt
Tennis shoes, boots or other sturdy shoes


Laundry bag, detergent, quarters for washer and dryer
Coat hangers
Small electric fan (Highly recommended)
Spending money (Optional, for snack bar and bookstore.)
Cell phone (Youth Center students only)
Calling Cards

Wi-Fi is available on campus during designated times.
Please mark all items clearly.

Standards of Behavior

Fostering respect for individuals, for the arts, and for education is the foundation upon which expectations of Student behavior are based. The Student, and the Student’s Parents if the Student is under nineteen years old, acknowledge that, by enrolling, the Student, and the Student’s Parents if the Student is under nineteen years old, agree(s) to accept and abide by IAF’s philosophy, rules, regulations, policies, and standards, including those expressed in IAF’s current Student Contract. The Student Contract is provided to Students and parents in your CampInTouch account. The Student, and the Student’s Parents if the Student is under nineteen years old, understand(s) that enrollment is contingent upon the compliance of the Student, and the Student’s Parents if the Student is under nineteen years old, with IAF rules, satisfactory behavior and performance during the Program. IAF shall have the right to suspend, expel, or otherwise remove a Student for unsatisfactory achievement and/or conduct that violates IAF’s philosophy, rules, regulations, policies and standards, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of IAF.


Code of Conduct
The following is a non-exhaustive list of IAF’s conduct expectations for Students enrolled in the Program. The Student, and the Student’s Parents if the Student is under nineteen years old, agree(s) to adhere to the following specific expectations. The Student, and the Student’s Parents if the Student is under nineteen years old, acknowledge(s) that the failure to abide by any of these expectations may subject the Student to discipline, up to and including expulsion.

  1. Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping, is prohibited for all students. Students are prohibited from smoking or being in possession of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping equipment, or other tobacco products.
  2. Possession and/or use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol on campus, or attending any Program workshops, including Program activities, under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, is absolutely forbidden. Illegal drugs include prescription drugs without a valid prescription and the use of prescription drugs not in compliance with a valid prescription. Illegal drugs also include marijuana and any other cannabis product, which may not be possessed, used or cultivated in or near schools. In addition, a student that IAF has reasonable cause to believe to be selling or providing any illegal drugs or alcohol to other students – either on or off campus – may be subject to immediate discipline up to and including expulsion.
  3. Vandalism against and/or theft of property and possessions of IAF, its employees and/or other students is prohibited. students’ personal effects and luggage are the sole responsibility of the student at all times.
  4. Fighting or threat of physical violence towards another student, IAF employee, or parent, whether on or off campus.
  5. Students must not bring or store or threaten the use of any weapons, including but not limited to, firearms, knives, explosives, and/or imitation weapons or toy weapons, to IAF or any IAF-sponsored or IAF-related events, whether on or off campus.
  6. Students may not leave the campus without the consent of the Dean of Students, Program Registrar, Assistant Director or Director of Programs. Students that are under nineteen years old must also have prior written parental permission before leaving campus.
  7. Appropriate dress and grooming are expected at all times. Inappropriate dress is defined as any attire that causes a distraction or a safety concern on campus and includes: t-shirts or other clothing or buttons with inappropriate slogans, or displaying prohibited substances (such as alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or cigarettes), sexually suggestive comments, racial/hate slogans, obscene words or profanity, or offensive symbols; ripped or torn clothing; garments where the torso is exposed; revealing clothing, including but not limited to tube tops and short shorts; hats or caps worn in the School building; wearing sunglasses during instructional time; gang affiliated or related clothing and paraphernalia; heels higher than 1-1/2 inches and flip-flops.
  8. With the exception of service animals and/or those authorized in advance as a reasonable accommodation, students may not bring pets to campus.
  9. Unless excused by IAF for valid reasons, as determined in IAF’s discretion, students are expected to attend every class meeting or rehearsal.
  10. Lockers, cubbies, and desks are the property of IAA and subject to search at any time. Students should not have any expectation of privacy in the use or storage of belongings in these locations. IAF reserves the right to inspect any lockers, cubbies or desks or other IAF property at any time.
  11. Bullying in any form (e.g., face-to-face, via an electronic device or the Internet) toward another student, IAF employee, or parent whether on or off campus.