Fashion Design

Idyllwild Arts Academy

Priority Application Deadline for Fall 2019: January 15, 2019

Fashion Design provides professional, in-depth training which includes hand and machine sewing, pattern making, draping, textiles, accessories, fashion illustration, fashion history, fashion photography, and conceptual design.

Students’ designs are modeled in the Winter and Spring Fashions shows, which are highlights of the year at Idyllwild Arts Academy.

In addition to designing for the twice yearly fashion shows, Upper level Fashion students are expected to develop their own interdisciplinary project. Fashion students are encouraged to collaborate with other departments, for example in designing and fabricating costumes for the Dance department, or to develop an extended conceptual collection for their Senior year Spring Fashion show.

Portfolio Requirements

Your examples of artwork must include:

  1. Creative personal artwork in any artform, although Visual Art is preferred.
  2. Three to five design sketches.
  3. At least one original design. This could be a garment you have made or something you have designed that someone else made for you. Examples could include street wear and/or any design of yours that has ever been on stage: costuming, fashion, school mascot, something for an event, etc.

For Specific questions regarding the Fashion Design admission process contact:
Cristy Wilke at 951.468.7223 or

Courses Offered 2018-2019


Fashion Design students receive in-depth, pre-professional training ranging from the basics of hand-sewing to the heights of visionary design. This multidisciplinary field includes the study of textiles and fabrics, figure drawing, color theory and rendering, body movement, performance, and visual communication. Students create and assemble garments from the ground up, mastering basic techniques and learning to represent their ideas in original patterns, designs, and ultimately, a themed Senior Collection.

Awareness of sustainability, the repurposing of materials, and ecological awareness drive many of our group projects, field trips, Masterclasses, and individual designs.

Academy Courses

  • Beginning Fashion Design
  • Intermediate Fashion Design
  • Advanced Fashion Design
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Fashion History
  • Fashion Photography
  • Technical Pattern-Making
  • Accessories
  • Senior Seminar
  • Access to Visual Arts classes
  • Fashion Business
Fashion Design Scholarship Contest

Idyllwild Arts Academy Contest Guidelines

The Winter Contest deadline is February 1, 2019

To enter the contest, please submit your work below:

Submit Entry

1st place winner – Boarding = $25,000
1st place winner – Day = $10,000
2nd place winner – Boarding = $15,000
2nd place winner – Day = $5,000


High fashion multi-use convertible clothing inspired by the rustic surroundings of Idyllwild.

Once finalists are chosen, they will be asked to apply to Idyllwild Arts Academy. Upon acceptance, winners will receive awards specified above. Additional need-based aid may be provided. All finalists will be considered for admission and need-based aid.

  • Open to high school students going into grades 9-12.
  • Create multi-use clothing that can be converted from a garment into a tent, backpack, sleeping bag or other camping accessory. Submit sketch and/or photos, plus a paragraph explaining how garment works, how it’s made, and what materials were used.

Winners will be chosen by Idyllwild Arts Academy faculty. If no works meet the judges’ criteria, Idyllwild Arts Academy reserves the right to select no winner and offer no scholarship.

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InterArts / Fashion Design Chair & Creative Writing Faculty
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InterArts / Fashion Faculty
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