Changing lives through the transformative power of art.

We recognize art as an essential solution to global challenges. Idyllwild Arts will be a thriving leader in 21st Century education, with a global network of support, providing access for a diverse population of artists. We will maintain a sustainable environment worthy of our mission, and an intellectual space worthy of our students.


Goal 1: Reduce reliance on contributed revenue to fund ongoing operations.

Goal 2: Broaden the base of contributed support.

Goal 3: Increase the size of the Endowment


Goal 1: Draft an institution-wide marketing plan

Goal 2: Promote the services, products and brand of Idyllwild Arts.

Enrollment Management:

Goal 1: Create an optimal mix and balance of students artistically, culturally, and fiscally.

Goal 2: Create a sustainable financial model for net tuition goals

Goal 3: Decrease reliance on any single economy through recruitment, retention, marketing and admission practices

Educational Program:

Goal 1: Elevate the educational experience across the entire institution.

Goal 2: Align the Academy and Summer programs to optimally support the institution’s goals.

Goal 3: Ensure relevance of IAF’s educational programs to current world view.

Goal 4: Ensure that the IAA curriculum aligns with 21st century educational models.

Goal 5: Ensure that Academy students are prepared to enter the post-secondary programs of their choice.


Goal 1: Determine and establish a governing body with the composition and capacity to support the vision and goals of the school.

Goal 2: Establish auxiliary group(s) to support the vision and goals of IAF

Goal 3: Establish the minimal financial contribution of collective board giving with special attention to building a governing body to support the future goals of IAF.

Goal 4: Develop a board education program designed to orient, update, and educate current members.

Facilities and Plant:

Goal 1: Create a campus-wide plan to reach a more sustainable environment and campus at IA.

Goal 2: Make the IA campus a beautiful and navigable place for all.

Goal 3: All campus spaces will be designed to meet 21st Century educational needs.

Goal 4: Honor campus preservation.