Crafting the Intangible

In order to provide the best possible musical opportunities for high school and middle school age musicians, our band and orchestra programs accept middle school and high school students only, including graduated 12th graders. 9th graders may enroll in the Symphonic Band or the High School Wind Ensemble with the consent of the music faculty. The faculty reserves the right to re-assign ensemble placement after the live auditions in Idyllwild on Sunday, July 12.

Discounts & Financial Aid

Discounts & Financial Aid

Students who participate in regional, state and national honor groups qualify for an automatic discount of at least $1,200 through February 25, 2020. After February 25, 2020 the discount will lower to $1,000 through April 1, 2020. Additional financial aid based on financial need is available.

Four-Week Music Discount

Students who are accepted and enroll in two consecutive programs, e.g., Symphony Orchestra Intensive/Chamber Festival Intensive, or Wind Ensemble Intensive/Chamber Festival Intensive are eligible to receive a 15% discount for the full cost of tuition, meals and housing. In effect, students pay for three weeks and receive the fourth week free. Honor Group participants may apply the Honor Group discount of $1200 to one program before February 25, 2020. After this date, $1,000 can be applied until April 1, 2020.

Band/Orchestra Enrollment By Grade

Band/Orchestra Enrollment By Grade

For students finishing grades 6 – 9
Symphonic Band (Ages 12-14): July 12 – 25
A large band of 52 musicians

For students finishing grades 8 – 12
Symphony Orchestra Intensive: July 12 – 25
A pre-auditioned large orchestra of 74 high school musicians

For students finishing grades 9 – 12
Wind Ensemble Intensive: July 12 – 25
A medium size wind ensemble of 48 high school musicians

For students finishing grades 9 – 12
Chamber Festival Intensive: July 26 – August 9
A select, pre-auditioned group of approximately 74 high school musicians, includes pianists.

Ages 14-18

Electronic Music Production

Ages 14–18

June 21 – June 26, 2020
One-week workshop

Explore the world of electronic music and the unique challenges that it presents. This workshop is Ideal for newcomers to electronic music, as well as those looking to expand their production arsenals. Learn how to create electronic works, from simple loops to fully realized songs. 

The curriculum will include electronic music appreciation, critical listening, arrangement, and working with virtual instruments.

You will learn to mix and master your own electronic compositions and share your work with the rest of the world. You will gain experience with the Ableton Live platform and gain confidence with taking your songs from ideation to ultimate completion and online distribution.

Tuition: $625
Lab fee: $25
Enrollment limited to 10 students.
Faculty: Michael Quick

What You Will Need

  • Good internet connection 
  • Device to the internet (smartphone, tablet, computer) 
  • Reliable charge for device, fully charged prior to sessions
  • Ableton Live software (90-day trial version available)
  • Over-ear, closed-back Headphones
  • USB microphone (necessary for vocals only)

Songwriting for Teens – Compose & Perform

Ages 14–18

June 28 – July 11, 2020
One-week or two-week options available

Perfect for beginning to advanced songwriters, this exciting workshop will teach you new skills and techniques to rapidly improve your songwriting. Explore the craft of songwriting with skilled professional songwriters and musicians, and immerse yourself in everything that is music.

This hands-on, interactive live experience will make you more productive, confident and a better songwriter as you work with a faculty team led by Don Reed, an experienced performer and teacher. Expect fast-moving daily sessions, using leading-edge software, video conferencing, and breakout opportunities for collaborations, bringing the live intensive learning experience into your home.

One-week: $625  (June 28 – July 3)
Two-week: $1,200 (June 28 – July 11)
Lab fee: $20
Enrollment limited to 15 students.
Faculty: Don Reed, Kasaan Hammon


What You Will Need

  • Good internet connection 
  • Device to the internet (smartphone, tablet, computer) 
  • Reliable charge for device, fully charged prior to sessions
  • Musical Instrument
  • Midi Keyboard (optional)
  • Music recording software (Garage Band, Logic, optional)

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