Fill the Gap at Idyllwild Arts Academy!

Not ready to start college or an arts program during these difficult times? An Idyllwild Arts Gap Year is special because of:

  • Classes taught by working professional artists
  • An international and multicultural student body
  • Individualized support and one-on-one mentorship

Online Gap Year Experience
For All Arts Majors

Tuition: $10,000 (one year) or $5,000 (one semester)

3 classes (including Fundamentals) with options to add:

  1. Independent Study & Capstone Project for $1,000
    (4-6 one-hour sessions)
  2. Individual Coaching and College Preparation for $1,000
    (4-6 one hour sessions)
  3. Additional Online Course for $1,000

Course Offerings

Gap Year students choose courses of personal interest while enjoying mentorship in areas that build portfolios or resumes. They also learn how to promote their arts careers, and impact their communities with art, through social media, grant proposals, and crowdsourcing.

In addition to a foundational course that focuses on key components of choosing the arts for future study or a career, students can take two other courses.

Film & Digital Media:

Story Development
Creative Development
Post Production
Film History


The gap year for the dance student will be based on the students interests in the dance world. Each dance student enrolled in the Gap Year program will have an interview with the Chair of the Dance Department to help develop the curriculum around their dance goals. Courses could include but are not limited to:

Dance Composition
Dance for Camera
Teaching Theory/Observation
Private Dance Lessons in Ballet, Modern or Jazz
Dance History
Dance Conditioning

Creative Writing:

Playwriting elective
Literature and the Writer elective/Individual tutorial

Fashion Design:

Fashion Illustration
Fashion Portfolio Independent Study


Interdisciplinary Mind
Interdisciplinary Technologies (one semester)


Popular Music History
Jazz History
Western Art Music History
Music Fundamentals
Introduction to Songwriting
Music Business and Marketing (1-semester)


Performance Practices/Acting
Technical Theatre
Musical Theatre Repertoire
Design Elective: 3 Dimensional Modeling


Time commitment: 15 hours per week

Please contact for further information.

Intensive Film & Digital Media
Online Gap Year

Tuition: $15,000 (one year) or $7,500 (one semester)


Options for Expansion: (additional fees required)

College Counseling Sessions and/or Individualized Arts Coaching:
Individual appointments with college counseling staff.

Additional one-on-one time with private instructors, portfolio assessment, monologue coaching, audition preparation.

Independent Study and/or Capstone Project:

Students can propose and co-design an independent study course in the arts area of their choice. Course will be designed in collaboration with a faculty member with expertise in the course content area and instruction will be provided by this faculty member.

Gap students can also complete capstone projects with the support of an art department advisor and input from our faculty. Capstone projects may include the following:

  • Advocacy Action Plans: Generation of advocacy plans to support the arts and arts education in the student’s home community.
  • Community Engagement Opportunities: Development of arts engagement or education plans for the student’s home community and/or partnerships with Idyllwild Arts.
  • Individualized Arts Projects: Creation of artwork for public display or performance in the student’s home community