Adult Workshops by Date

Week 1: June 11-17, 2017

Hot Clay: The Figure: Comment in 3 Sizes (six-day session)
Hot Clay: Thrown and Altered Forms with Majolica: Developing Form & Surface(six-day session)
Hot Clay: Deciphering Glazes (six-day session)
Metals Week: Beauty & Memory: Making Nature Wearable (five-day session)
Metals Week: Nature Journals for Metalsmiths (five-day session)
Metals Week: Who Knew all This Could Be Done With a Torch? Setting & Torch Firing of Enamels (five-day session)
Metals Week: The Expressive Necklace (five-day session)
Metals Week: Feeding the Heart & Soul: Creating Utensils (five-day session)
Metals Week: Capturing the Moment: Natural Object Casting (five-day session)
Mixed Media Mash-Up (one-day session)
Collage Camp (one-day session)
Cutting Room Floor: Altering Photos & More (one-day session)
Painting the Landscape with Pastel (three-day session)
Reclaiming Creativity: Explorations in the Art and Craft of Drawing and Painting (five-day session)
Drawing Without Fear (one-day session)
The Magic of Watercolor (two-day session)
Avid Media Composer Fundamentals I (five-day session)
Piano Performance Workshop (five-day session)
The Listening Room Songwriters Retreat (six-day session)
Found Object Sculpture: Finding the Soul of Lost Materials (five-day session)
Introduction to Glassblowing (six-day session)

Week 2: June 18-24, 2017

Hot Clay: DIY Ceramic 3D Printers: Build, Experiment & Collaborate (six-day session)
Hot Clay: Cut and Paste (six-day session)
Hot Clay: Urban Porcelain (six-day session)
Anishnabe Black Ash Basketry (five-day session)
San Ildefonso Pueblo Black Pottery (six-day session)
Cahuilla Style Pottery: Collecting Clay and Making Pots  (four-day session)
Native American Cuisine: Blending Modern with Traditional (two-day session)
Navajo Weaving I (five-day session)
Hopi Jewelry (five-day session)
Seeds of Glass: Native Beadwork as Surface Design (three-day session)
Native American Flutemaking-Beginning (three-day & four-day sessions)
Travel Drawing & Painting (one-day session)
Encaustic Painting (five-day session)
Scratching the Surface: Creativity as Authentic Expression (five-day session)
Drawing Intensive Weekend (two-day session)
Adventures in Woodcut Printmaking (five-day session)
Avid Media Composer Fundamentals II (five-day session)

Week 3: June 25- July 1, 2017

Hot Clay: Pots for Serving (six-day session)
Native American Arts Festival Week
California Native Plants: Contemporary & Traditional Medicinal Uses (two-day session)
Cahuilla Basketry (five-day session)
Hopi-Tewa Pottery (six-day session)
Navajo Weaving II (five-day session)
Navajo Inlay Jewelry (five-day session)
Creation of Northwest Coast Hand Drums (five-day session)
Watermedia for All: Watercolor and Acrylic (five-day session)
Narrative Figure Painting: Exploring Connection Between the Body and the Mind (five-day session)
Two Worlds Collide: Copper Cuffs with Silver Metal Clay Embellishments (two-day session)
3D Encaustic Exploration and Mold-making (five-day session)
Cigar Box Guitar-making, Plus! (five-day session)
The Mad Alchemist’s Apothecary Kit (two-day session)

Week 4: July 2-8, 2017

Hot Clay: Pottery Boot Camp (six-day session)
It’s All About the Heat: How to Succeed at Soldering (Almost) All of the Time (five-day session)
Painting Luminosity (five-day session)
Small Scale Bronze Casting (five-day session)
Pulp Ecology: Papermaking with Plants, Pigments, Dyes (three-day session)
Writers Week (five-day session)
Writers Week: Poetry (five-day session)
Writers Week: Poetry as Soul Practice (five-day session)
Writers Week: The Art of Storytelling (five-day session)
Writers Week: The Alchemy of the Short Story (five-day session)
Writers Week: Writing the Short Essay (five-day session)
Alternate Evolutions aka Beastly Busts (two-day session)
Tin Type Tarot (one-day session)
The Codex Compendium (two-day session)