Financial Aid

Affording Idyllwild Arts Academy

In keeping with our philosophy, Idyllwild Arts Academy supports a significant program of student aid. The goal of our financial aid program is to assist families in providing their child with a quality art and academic education at Idyllwild Arts Academy.

Approximately 65% of our students receive some form of financial aid. Our financial aid is need and merit-based and is given in the form of a scholarship which reduces the cost of tuition.

We are committed to bringing together diverse, talented and committed students from all backgrounds and to making it possible for families to help their students reach their fullest potential as artists and scholars. Therefore, we encourage each family who feels they may need financial assistance inquire about our Financial Aid Program.

The Financial Aid evaluation takes into account more than just a family’s net income. We also evaluate a combination of many different factors in a family’s ability to afford to provide their child with a world-class arts education at Idyllwild Arts. We realize each and every family’s situation is unique.

In order to apply for financial aid, the following information must be submitted to the Admission Office by the stated application deadlines.

Financial Supplement (Tuition and Fees)
Financial Aid Application (Parent’s Guide and Forms)

Financial Aid Requirements

For U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents:

  1. Completed Financial Aid Application
  2. School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) form – Online form can be found at
  3. A copy of your current IRS 1040 tax form
  4. Statement of need listing any and all additional information you wish the Committee to know

For International Students:

  1. Completed Financial Aid Application
  2. Official and complete documentation of all assets including property owned, all bank account statements and income sources, etc.
  3. Statement of need listing any and all additional information you wish the Committee to know.

For more information please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), or contact the Admission and Financial Aid Office at 1.951.659.2171 x2345. Additional resources about financing a private school education can be found at

Financial Aid FAQ’s

Who can apply for financial aid?

Any family may apply. Determining your family’s contribution toward your child’s education at the Idyllwild Arts Academy is complex, and many factors are taken into consideration. Income is only one component used in the process of determining financial aid awards. If you think you will need some assistance in paying for your child’s education at the Academy, do not hesitate to apply for financial aid.

What does the financial aid award cover?

The financial aid award is applied toward tuition, room and board. The additional fees (private lessons, ESL, film fee, incidental account, refundable deposits, books, spending money) are not covered by the financial aid award.

When should we apply?

Since a decision on your request for financial aid cannot be made until all the required documents are received, it is important to begin the process early and complete it by the stated deadlines.

How does the Financial Aid Committee determine if we qualify for financial aid?

The Financial Aid Committee uses three criteria to determine if a family qualifies for financial aid and the amount of that aid. The first criterion is family need, indicated by the summary sent to the Academy Admission Office by the SSS. We use this summary to determine your initial qualification. Your IRS 1040 tax form is also reviewed to obtain further information regarding your family’s financial situation. (International families: Information is obtained through your bank statements, monthly income and documentation of property value.) The second criterion is the artistic ability of the student, determined by the admission audition and letters of recommendation. The third criterion is the artistic needs of the school. In an arts school, there are certain artistic requirements that must be fulfilled in order to meet the needs of the individual arts departments. These needs are taken into consideration in determining the amount of financial aid a family may be awarded.

When will we be notified of the Financial Aid Committee’s decision?

Families who have completed the process will be notified by phone and by mail after the stated notification date.

Does the Financial Aid Committee consider special circumstances when making a decision?

The Committee will consider special circumstances as long as a request is made in writing and the circumstances are well documented. Requests and documentation must be on file before the Committee makes a decision.

Is the financial aid award a loan?

No. The financial aid award is not a loan and does not need to be repaid.

Is there an in-house payment plan available for the remaining balance of tuition and fees?

Yes. The Academy Business Office will help need based parents living within the country to work out details of a payment plan. If your family is seeking a payment plan, the arrangements must be worked out immediately after accepting the financial aid award.

Is the admission decision affected by our request for financial aid?

No. The Admission Committee does not know which students are applying for financial aid. Your financial aid information is kept confidential and is reviewed only by the Financial Aid Committee.

If we receive financial aid this year, will we automatically receive financial aid next year?

No. However, it is the philosophy of the Idyllwild Arts Academy to continue financial aid support for returning students who qualify. The criteria for qualification include family need and the continued academic, artistic and social growth of the student. Each year new documents must be submitted prior to the Financial Aid Committee making a determination.